I must remember where I came from – in training.  In the process of chasing any dream or any goal there are many things that must be covered to ensure any degree of success. Examples can include: Focus, discipline, motivation, clear goals, association, diet, teach-ability and so on. Here’s another one. It just struck me the other day as I think about the improvements I have made in the last four months since I started training that I need to write this down. I need to remember.

In the early days of training or learning a new skill, progress may come quickly. Later on, progress can be very slow. Plateaus are commonplace and one can lose sight of the goal. When one is lining up to compete in a race or perform in any venue it is natural to feel nervous and anxious. The trouble is that nerves and anxiety can lead to a lesser performance than if one was more confident. When one is on a plateau and progress seems impossible, knowledge and remembering can help get through it. I know this stuff from other endeavors. Now I must apply it to triathlon. If I can remember where I came from, if I can remember all the training I have done, then I can have confidence and go out and achieve what I am capable of.

Swimming. When I started training four months ago I could not blow bubbles down to the bottom of any pool without feeling great anxiety. I could get/swim to the end of a 50-meter pool where I would then need two minutes rest before I could do it again. I knew this was bad so I undertook to swim six days a week and every week I have done that during the last two months. Now as at 10 November 2017 I can swim 50 meters in 57 seconds, 100 meters in 2:08 and I can swim 200 meters without stopping. After several ocean swims I can see the possibility of swimming for a kilometer if the waves are very small. That’s the current status.

Cycling. I used to get excited about holding 20 kph on my old bike for very long. I love cycling and I love my new Cervelo S3 with its disk brakes and clip on aero bars. Cycling will probably be my strongest leg and although I am still getting used to using my power meter to improve my ability, I can often sit on 30 kph for extended periods and rarely do I go out for a ride without hitting 40 kph sometime. I can see the possibility of averaging 30 kph on a 90k ride. I am not sure of that yet but I will know by the 25th February 2018.

Running. You would think that a lifelong runner would be looking good but I’m not – YET. In the past few years my marathon times have got slower to the point of being close to, and, exceeding 5 hours. All the injuries sometimes have made running impossible and walking painful. Now I have changed running style totally and can run again. Now all my past injuries have almost totally healed. Now I have a coach who pushes me in different directions and a little bit of speed is starting to return. I will soon be running 5K in under 25 minutes. Maybe that will happen this Sunday 12th November at the 4th Aldanmark Winter Duathlon at the DEC. It hasn’t happened yet but it will happen soon. I expect to run the Cadbury marathon 14th January 2018 in under 4 hours which will be a good improvement on anything I have done for many years.

Updates, both good or bad to follow.

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