Introducing Ivan, he is the latest edition to the TRI247 Team, and he is going to be sharing his journey with you, the highs the lows, the enthusiasm and his passion.

I am a bit excited. Like little nervous tummy stuff. Like a teenager going on a first date stuff. Like wanting to dance in funny circles. Like quietly giggling for no apparent reason.  I know this is crazy and some might say I should act my age but I’m just going for it because I haven’t got time to act my age or be reasonable. I am 64 years old and for the first time in my life I have an athletic coach and I’m not talking about some wannabe or some well-meaning relative who is willing to help me out. I have a fair dinkum, enthusiastic, passionate coach who is willing to actually take me on. I think my chances of achieving my ‘near impossible’ goals have just gone up from a 5% chance to a 20% chance and my possible goals have gone from 70% chance to near 100%. Thank you, Christian Farley. I am really looking forward to working more closely with you. If anybody else is reading this then I should explain that I have been watching Christian for a while until I begged him to take me on and then I had to wait until he had finished watching me.


Now maybe you can understand a little bit about why I am excited. I know that a coach can’t do my training for me and I know that ultimately my success is my responsibility but I also know that having a coach who is as keen about coaching as Christian is, can improve one’s chances of success a lot.


This is another start point for me and I couldn’t be more thankful. Triathlon South is a great club in which to be a participating member and now I am also a member of the Triathlon 247 family. Damn! I am so excited. I think that totally wrecked feeling I have right now after a long day on the bike and a short run may become more common from now on.



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