So last week we introduced a number of new drills, including the ballet kick, torpedo push offs, torpedo kick, 616 and 636 drills, if you missed the article you can find it here. Today we are moving on and we are going to introduce some drills to help you develop a feel for the water and develop your catch.

The first drill is called long dog, some people also calls this drill doggy paddle, but no matter the terminology it is a great drill as it forces you to develop an early bent elbow catch. Again it is of no use me describing here, what Paul Newsome over at Swim Smooth has already done.

If you have already viewed the clip above you will notice in the example that Joh has the swimmer keep his head up out of the water. With this drill it is worth noting that you should perform it starting with your head up and looking forward, and you can then move to a better free style alignment placing your face into the water, this position also allows you to watch your arm strokes.

The next drill to include into your swimming technique sessions, is sculling. There are two (2) main sculling drills to develop your freestyle and your feel for the water; Sculling #1 and Sculling #2 – a lot of thought went into naming these drills.

I need to stress here that both of these sculling drills require you to use a pull bouy, and maybe even a band to prevent the utilisation of your kick as propulsion.

From here, we move onto the Unco drill, now this is a drill that will help to develop the rhythm and timing of your stroke. Beginners to this drill will need to use fins to help maintain propulsion, so again take it away Paul….

As you become more proficient with the unco drill, you lose the fins, and or you can utilise a set of paddles to aid your awareness during the catch phase at the front of the stroke.

So there you go, a short little article this week, with four (4) new drills to try out. If you have any questions please ask away either here in the log or on facebook. Look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions soon.

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